Autographed Cricket Ephemera

Lot 52:
Lot 52
Yorkshire C.C.C. autographs 1910s-2010s. A selection of approximately seventy signatures in ink either signed to cards, cuttings, labels etc some on piece or label laid down to card. Earlier signatures include E. Leadbeater, E. Oldroyd, A.W. Lupton, J. Hampshire, R. Illingworth, F. Trueman, G. Keighley, T. Lester, V. Wilson, E.P. Robinson, D. Padgett, K. Taylor etc. Some duplication. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 53:
Lot 53
Australia cricketers 1930s-1990s. Fifteen signatures on cards or labels. Signatures include Don Bradman, Ernie McCormick, Harry Alexander, Hunter Hendry, Ron Hamence, Ted White, Len Darling, Shane Warne, David Hussey, Ed Cowan, Matthew Elliott, Michael Bevan etc. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 54:
Lot 54
Test and County cricketers. Forty very nicely signed and presented postcard size white cards. Signatures include Peter Parfitt, George Mann, Dennis Amiss, Alec Bedser, Trevor Bailey, Dickie Bird, Geoff Boycott, Mike Brearley, Ian Botham, Andy Caddick, Brian Close, Colin Cowdrey, Kenneth Cranston, Mike Denness, Hubert Doggart, Ted Dexter, John Edrich, Godfrey Evans etc VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 55:
Lot 55
International Test cricketers. Twenty eight very nicely signed and presented postcard size white cards, some signatures on pieces laid down. Signatures include Sachin Tendulkar (India), Shane Warne, Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh, Mark Taylor, Glenn McGrath, Kepler Wessels, Justin Langer, Matthew Hayden (Australia), Courtney Walsh, Clyde Walcott, Richie Richardson, Vic Richards, Malcolm Marshall (West Indies), Pat Symcox, Richard Snell, Jonty Rhodes, Barry Richards (South Africa), Ken Rutherford (New Zealand) etc. VG
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 56:
Lot 56
Kingsley Amis. Novelist, poet and critic, 1922-1995. Single page typed letter dated 19th July 1963 from Amis in Cambridge to his close friend John Arlott. Subjects covered include Amis belatedly returning 'the perishing Sampler' which Arlott had previously passed to him. He also discusses his impending move to Majorca '(we go finally on 20th September)', congratulates the Arlotts on the forthcoming birth of their child stating 'we, I think, have something similar on the way, though it's early to tell yet', and describes his disillusionment on his academic life in Cambridge, 'Remind me some time to do my imitation of the archetypal Cambridge undergraduate lecturing his parents about Gielgud'. Signed in ink 'Kingsley'. VG
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 57:
Lot 57
F.S. Ashley-Cooper. Two small pages of notes relating to Nottinghamshire cricket written in ink in Ashley-Cooper's own hand. One is a list headed 'Hits out of T.B. [Trent Bridge]' and lists nineteen occasions from 1863 to 1923 when a batsman hit the ball out of the ground, with dates, batsman, team and bowler listed. Several Australians are recorded including G.J. Bonnor in 1880, G. Giffen and P.S. McDonnell in 1882 etc. The other page lists Nottinghamshire captains from Clarke to Carr with pencil amendments. G
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 58:
Lot 58 Lot 58
William Norman Birkett 1883-1962. Two page typed letter from Birkett to the publisher 'Mr [Les] Gutteridge' written on Royal Courts of Justice letterhead and dated 31st October 1955. Birkett is replying to an enquiry about a poem that Birkett's wife, a keen cricketer, was given by a friend. Birkett feels it may have been written by T.P. Cameron Wilson who wrote an unpublished poem on 'Sportsmen in Paradise' (Padwick 6545, a facsimile typed copy of the poem is included). Birkett concludes with advise on contacts for Gutteridge to make further enquiries. Nicely signed in ink 'Norman Birkett'. Folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lord Birkett was a judge at the Nuremberg Trials, a Member of Parliament, a Vice-President of Lancashire C.C.C., and author of 'The Game of Cricket'. Wilson was an English poet and novelist of the First World War, best known for his poem 'Magpies in Picardy' published posthumously in 1919 by The Poetry Bookshop
Lot 59:
Lot 59
Edmund Charles Blunden. One page handwritten letter in ink from Blunden to John Arlott from the University of Hong Kong, dated 24th August 1954. Blunden is eagerly anticipating Arlott's visit to the Far East en route to Australia for the forthcoming Ashes series. Blunden comments that Arlott is unlikely to see much cricket in Japan, although 'The Victory of Pakistan should encourage them to send a team at once if only XI men who had previously performed only at baseball or cormorant fishing'. Signed 'Yours ever E.B.'. Horizontal and vertical folds, minor foxing, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Blunden was a First World-War poet, author of 'Cricket Country', and was a close friend of Siegfried Sassoon
Lot 60:
Lot 60
Robert Alan Boddington. Lancashire & Oxford University 1913-1924. Single page handwritten letter in ink, undated. Boddington is replying to a request for his autograph, Nicely signed 'R.A. Boddington'. Adhesive damage to verso, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 61:
Lot 61
William Eric 'Bill' Bowes. Yorkshire & England 1927-1947. Single page typed letter from Bowes to J.D. Coldham, written from his home in Yorkshire and dated 2nd November 1982. Bowes is replying to a request for information on F.S. Jackson on whom Coldham was writing a book. Bowes reports on Jackson's occasional visits to the Yorkshire dressing room. 'Whether it was necessary or not the chairman or captain would speak the name of the player. With Herbert Sutcliffe or Maurice Leyland there would be a minute of two of friendly or light conversation and with the rest a shake of the hands, a word or two of congratulation to the player who had done well... or to me, "Hello Bowes. I haven't seen you bowl to-day but I was at Lord's and I liked the way you bowled to Patsy. He's a good player, isn't he." And so on. He gave the impression of knowing and being in touch with the game and he automatically commanded respect'. Signed in ink 'Bill Bowes'. Horizontal fold, good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 62:
Lot 62
Neville Cardus. Handwritten two page letter from Cardus on National Liberal Club letterhead, dated 17th April 1948, written to Siegfried Sassoon. 'I came back again from Australia yesterday & your letter was waiting for me here. I can't expect to tell you in a brief letter how much pleasure you have given me - and pride. To have warmed your heart and nourished your mind!' He hopes they can meet soon and he reports how difficult it was to write 'on a noisy distracting ship' in the Suez Canal. 'I tried to write another chapter to a book I'm working on and it was about George Meredith & the absurd belittlement of him a few years ago'. He closes with the hope that they can discuss this when they meet. Nicely signed 'Neville Cardus'. Horizontal fold, good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 63:
Lot 63
George Duckworth. Lancashire & England 1923-1938. Handwritten plain postcard to Fred Berry, Blackpool C.C., undated but postmarked 26th July 1946. Duckworth is writing to confirm the team for a forthcoming match. 'Everybody OK except Connie [Learie Constantine] who has a broken finger'. The team is Duckworth, Hallows, Oldfield, Rae, Parkin (Lancashire), Smith (Middlesex), Cutmore (Essex), Pepper (Australia), Achong, Martindale (West Indies). 'Have asked Nutter [or Hutton?] to replace Connie'. Signed 'Best wishes, Duckie'. It is assumed that Duckworth was putting together a team for a charity match, but no record of this team playing can be found. G
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 64:
Lot 64 Lot 64
Edward Desmond Russell Eagar. Gloucestershire, Oxford University & Hampshire 1935-1957. Four page handwritten letter from Eagar to John Arlott. Written on Grand Hotel Leicester letterhead, dated 12th August 1956. The main subject of the letter relates to the impending publication of 'the History [Hampshire County Cricket: The Official History]. I intend visiting Phoenix [publisher] in September to agree finally on what should & should not be included. I hope we can arrange a mutually convenient date as I would like you there'. Eagar continues to report on 'A great performance at Rushen (what a hole)' where Hampshire had beaten Northamptonshire by ten wickets '& they did well at Canterbury from which I have been much encouraged personally'. Regarding the captaincy, 'Leo [Harrison] has captained admirably & will do so in County matches in future before Colin [Ingleby-Mackenzie] (who has had some poor matches - as captain). This - entre nous (French!) please'. Other subjects covered include their cricket collections, captaincy and players' benefit matches. Signed 'Yours, Desmond'. An interesting letter relating to Hampshire cricket, and their shared interests in literature and collecting. Light folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 65:
Lot 65 Lot 65
Beatrice Fry, wife of C.B. Fry. Handwritten two page letter on 'Fry's Magazine' headed paper, crossed out with replies requested to the Fry's family home at Glenbourne Manor, Hampshire. The letter, dated 21st August 1908, to the author E.V. Lucas. She encloses an 'odd little book' hoping it would be of help. She continues to give the names of those who 'will give you all information' including J.A. Best, Hon. Sec. Hambledon C.C. 'We will put you both up with much pleasure'. The invitation relates to the Hambledon v All England match played on 10th, 11th and 12th September 1908. 'The chances are the weather will have broke, but we will hope on'. Nicely signed 'Beatrice Fry'. Some ageing, wear and creasing, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £70/100
The weather held for the match referred to in this letter, Hambledon v England XI (actually twelve a side) played at Broad Halfpenny Down. The England XI was captained by Gilbert Jessop and included J.T. Hearne, A.E. Trott, W.E. Astill, A.E. Knight etc. For Hambledon, C.B. Fry, E.G. Wynyard, C.P. Mead, W.H. etc. The Captain was Edward Whalley-Tooker playing his last first class match. Hambledon won the match by five wickets with Fry scoring 68no in their second innings
Lot 66:
Lot 66 Lot 66
J.W. Goldman, cricket collector. Three page handwritten letter written from his home in Kerry where he lives May to October, dated 18th May 1969. In the letter to Mr [J.D.] Coldham, Goldman writes 'What a pity you did not contact me earlier as the remainder of my Cricket Library about 2000 is still in Egham. It might be better if you waited until October when you can come over as all my [E.V.] Lucas stuff has not been touched'. He continues by saying how well he knew Lucas' and he certainly was not a bore. He was eccentric yes as many geniuses are. I had him and Plum Warner to my house on more than one occasion to dinner and they came at 7 & stayed till 3am & I was not bored, at any rate not with E.V.L.'. He describes Lucas signing a book for him, and that 'one year he sent me a Xmas Card with the words added "As long as we have Wally Hammond, the Duke of Windsor can have Wallie Simpson"'. Goldman describes Lucas' interests outside cricket, namely county history, topography and fine champagne, and states that he is happy for Coldham to use this information with acknowledgement. He closes saying he doesn't get to see much cricket, relying on 'Wisden, Wireless & the papers etc' and that 'the Cricket Society Journal was very good. Young Rosenwater seems to have come on a lot'. Nicely signed by Goldman. Light folds otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Coldham's article on Lucas to which Goldman refers appeared in the Cricket Society Journal of Autumn 1971 and recounts some of the information provided by Goldman in this letter
Lot 67:
Lot 67 Lot 67
Edgar Mervyn Grace, son of Edward Mills Grace and nephew of William Gilbert Grace. Three page handwritten letter written on Thornbury letterhead and dated 4th August 1915 to F.S. Ashley-Cooper. Grace writes to confirm he has 'at last received my box of books from my brother who enlisted & I have found the old minute book of the Thornbury C.C. with the accounts of the club from its earliest days'. Grace asks for the return of photographs he had provided and asks 'is there any chance of the book being published this year or will you wait till the War is over', referring to Ashley-Cooper's biography of E.M. Grace which was published in 1916. Regarding Grace's family, he reports 'W.G. looked extremely fit & well & as jolly as ever at poor Uncle John Dann's funeral'. Nicely signed 'E.M. Grace'. Folds and some staining to one edge, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £70/100
Despite appearing fit and healthy in August 1915, W.G. Grace died two months later in October. Edgar Grace first played for Thornbury aged nine and continued for 62 years including 37 as captain
Lot 68:
Lot 68 Lot 68
Charles Pratt Green. Cricket collector and wine merchant. Two page handwritten letters dated 10th February 1947 and 18th March 1948 from his Malvern home to J.D. Coldham. Aged 94, Green states that 'I am now totally blind and dependent on others' and these letters have been dictated and transcribed by either his wife or daughter. The first letter refers to a purchase of material by 'a Capt F.B. Milne a few years before the War... He was paying me by instalments but for years past I have not received a penny & he still owes me £14. If therefore you can oblige me with an address that will find him I should be grateful'. He describes how he has 'nothing left of interest' having cleared much of his collection before moving house, a collection which included 'an array of 151 Bats with a story going back to 1827. 149 of these are now in Sir Julian Cahn's pavilion at West Bridgford. 'The[ir] biographical and descriptive catalogue is practically a history of the game'. The second letter acknowledges Coldham's help in recovering the debt owed by Capt. Milne. He notes that Coldham has books by E.V. Lucas and F.S. Ashley-Cooper, 'Both authors were my friends. E.V. Lucas wrote a lengthy account of the Bats in the Sunday Times about 1930. I was deeply attached to Ashley-Cooper whom I helped with Cricketana in his school days... In his last illness he disposed of his vast collection to Sir Julien Cahn for £800'. Light folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 69:
Lot 69 Lot 69
William Frederick Grundy, cricket author. Four page handwritten letter, dated 10th May 1917, from Grundy to the cricket writer and collector, A.D. Taylor. 'I send you a little print of some of the letters I received acknowledging the memento of Arthur Shrewsbury and Alfred Shaw which I published some years since. I put it together in 1910 but a long unwellness coming on and the war caused it to be delayed until recently'. The 'memento' to which Grundy is referring is 'A Memento of two great Notts. cricketers, Arthur Shrewsbury and Alfred Shaw' published in 1907 (Padwick 8034). The later booklet which accompanied this letter to Taylor, 'Letters of acknowledgement of the Memento...' is listed in Padwick 8035, and having been published in 1910, whereas this letter suggests that the booklet was actually published in 1917. Grundy continues by bemoaning the continuing War, 'I am sorry the game has had to go under for the time being and will take a long time to get into anything like its old form after the War has ended. I saw... that our Notts. John Gunn who is verging on 41 has been called up. He has two sons already gone and his brother George has been in the transport service at the front for a year or two'. Regarding collecting, Grundy refers to F.S. Ashley-Cooper whose collection 'numbered over 3 thousand publications', and closes with a recount of meeting George Wootton, 'the old Notts. bowler. He was very well and came on his bicycle to meet me at the station altho' was attaining his 82nd year in October. I got his autograph opposite the photo in which he is in my memento'. Signed 'W.F. Grundy'. An interesting letter with good Nottinghamshire content. G/VG
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 70:
Lot 70
Leslie Gutteridge, cricket book dealer and collector. Single page typed letter to John Arlott on Epworth Second Hand Books letterhead, dated 8th November 1963. Gutteridge is writing regarding details of a book of Old Ballads of 1780 in four volumes. He also thanks Arlott for his comments on 'the Warner - Ross situation. My information agrees that Warner will never sell unless he makes a severe loss - by which time it [the Cricketer] will not be worth selling! The Cricket Quarterly now has a circulation of 610!!'. Signed in ink 'Leslie'. Light folds otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 71:
Lot 71
Len Darling. Victoria & Australia 1926-1937. Single page handwritten letter from Darling written in New South Wales and dated 14th February 1989. Darling is replying to a request for autographs. He reminisces about the 1934 tour to England, his first tour with Australia, and to South Africa in 1935/36, and looks forward to watching on television the impending tour to England. Sold with an album page signed by four members of the 1968 International Cavaliers team including Don Kenyon, Bryan Davis, Godfrey Evans etc. Light folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 72:
Lot 72
Levi George Wright. Derbyshire 1883-1909. Single page handwritten letter in ink written on Midland Railway Chief Mechanical Engineer's Office letterhead and dated 20th July 1914. Wright is writing to an unknown correspondent thanking him for the receipt of the 'American Cricketer'. He continues, 'I am sorry to tell you I have given up the game and taken to the ancient [game] of bowls. I was far from well last year and took to bowls as a lighter recreation. I am glad to say I am well again now though but cannot very well intrude on the younger generation although the longing for a game occasionally comes over me'. Signed 'L.G. Wright'. Horizontal and vertical folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 73:
Lot 73
John Crawford William 'Jack' MacBryan. Cambridge University, Somerset & England 1911-1931. A black folder comprising approximately sixty handwritten letters from MacBryan, the majority to 'Edward Francis', along with a good number of copies of typed replies from Francis to MacBryan. Also typed manuscripts with annotations for articles, and MacBryan's England tie. The letters cover the period 1977 to 1982. Subjects covered include stories about his old friend Sammy Woods; MacBryan playing in the match in which Hobbs equalled W.G. Grace's record of centuries; not being selected for the 1924/25 tour to Australia with the selector P.R. Johnson describing him as 'too bad tempered'; the reason for his poor throwing in the field being due to dislocating his shoulder playing rugby for Bath in 1912; his lack of respect for his J.C. 'Farmer Jack' White who was not called up to serve in the first World War; a description of an injury to his lower arm sustained by Duleepsinhji having been mauled by a tiger; his wartime memories of being wounded and captured during the retreat from Mons, being held as a prisoner of war in Holland, and his brother being killed in action; his batting style impressing Yorkshire players including Wilfred Rhodes who described him as looking 'more like a Yorkshire pro than a Somerset amateur' etc. An excellent personal recollection. G/VG
Estimate: £250/350
MacBryan played only one Test match for England, against South Africa in 1924. In the rain affected match he did not bat, did not bowl and took no catches, an unfortunate distinction he holds to this day. At the time of his death in 1991 aged 90, MacBryan was the oldest surviving England Test player. Described as a neat, correct and gritty batsman, he was often uncomplimentary about Somerset county cricket in the 1920s and his attitude to authority in general. A good hockey player, he won a gold medal as a member of the 1920 Olympic British hockey team
Lot 74:
Lot 74
Cricket letters. Selection of eight letters: A.A. Thomson to Coldham 1955 regarding a forthcoming book, Cyril Washbrook 1978 regarding an autograph request, Ron Yeomans to H.W. Warner c1960 regarding the sale of cricketana, Bob Barber 1959 and Jack Bond to Sokell (2 letters) regarding attendance at an event and a meeting, 'Bob' Arrowsmith to Coldham 1982 regarding cricket research, R.G. Barnes 'Oxford & M.C.C. 1906-1920' to Altham 1959 regarding a cricket poem he had written and a single page letter from Barrauds, photographers, Liverpool 1889 regarding a request for a photograph of cricketer, Allan G. Steel. Good condition
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 75:
Lot 75
John Betjeman. Poet, writer and broadcaster. Single page typed letter on 43, Cloth Fair, London letterhead dated 15th December 1960. Writing to P.A.L. Barling, Betjeman states, 'I can't make definite arrangements more than three months ahead now; if I do I find I am always having to cancel things. If you will write again in, say, July, I can let you have a definite answer'. Signed in ink 'John Betjeman'. At the time Barling was responsible for organising functions for the Cricket Society. G
Estimate: £100/150
Betjeman, a keen cricket follower, was Poet Laureate from 1972 until his death in 1984, and was a founding member of the Victorian Society
Lot 76:
Lot 76
Frederick Gale. Handwritten twelve page letter written in Manitoba, Canada, dated 1st December 18932, to his friend 'Mr [R.S.] Holmes'. 'Can you help one in a fix? My portmanteau was stolen on my way here and was picked up on the trail 8 months afterwards & nothing left in but wearing apparel which was marked with my name'. Most important to Gale was the loss of his only copy of Public School Matches of 1853 and also a later edition and he asks if Holmes can lend him his copy 'as I want to copy the pictures'. Gale, living with his son and feeling in much better health is enjoying shooting geese and getting exercise. Much on life in the prairies and the extreme cold, interlaced with talk of cricket back in England: O'Brien, Grace, Fuller Pilch, Steele, the over-use of pads and leg protection, etc. 'Do you know any Editor who needs a correspondent - 2000 words and no padding?' G/VG
Estimate: £70/100
Fred Gale played in the Winchester Eleven in 1841 against Eton and Harrow at Lord's, but did not go on to play first class cricket. He made his name as a prolific writer of books, newspaper and magazine articles writing under the name 'The Old Buffer'. He had emigrated to Canada to be with his family after the death of one of his sons, but was homesick and missed his cricket, so returned home the following year
Lot 77:
Lot 77 Lot 77
John Berry 'Jack' Hobbs. Surrey & England 1905-1934. Two page handwritten letter in ink dated 20th July 1931 to 'Mr Pilleau'. Hobbs is writing regarding 'the pictures you ordered at Horsham'. Hobbs continues, 'It is now settled that I shall play for Surrey again next year but I shall be allowed to stand down when I wish... Glad to hear the news about the bat, it should belong to you after all the trouble & expense you were put to'. Signed 'J.B. Hobbs'. Some foxing and staining affecting the signature, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 78:
Lot 78
William 'Bill' Voce. Nottinghamshire & England 1927-1952. Single page handwritten letter from Voce replying to an enquiry regarding a photograph. The letter is undated but written in later years. Signed 'Bill Voce'. G
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 79:
Lot 79
Harold Larwood. Nottinghamshire & England 1924-1938. Single page handwritten letter from Larwood to an unknown correspondent in which Larwood is requesting six copies of a photograph of Larwood and Voce, 'the best I have seen... it is Mrs Larwood who asked this favour, for our daughters'. The letter is undated. Nicely signed 'Harold Larwood'. G
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 80:
Lot 80
William Barnes. Nottinghamshire & England, 1875-1894. Short note written by Barnes from Lord's, 'Hope you will have great success. Yours W. Barnes'. Sold with a sepia photograph of the player etc. Slight smudging to the otherwise excellent signature of Barnes. Rare
Estimate: £150/250
Lot 81:
Lot 81
Alfred Shaw. Nottinghamshire, Sussex & England 1864-1897. Rare and excellent three page handwritten letter from Shaw to an unknown correspondent, dated 6th March 1896. The subject appears to relate to something of a sensitive nature, possibly about Lord Sheffield, having been passed to the press. 'Yours duily [sic] to hand I am very sorrow [sic] for as I well know you would do your best. I can assure you I was afrade [sic] thay [sic] would be a mistake as I know one word would do it but do not be afrade [sic] I often get into these scrapes and get right again. I shall be having something els [sic] before long and then I will see you and then we can manage it all right. His Lordship does not know who I sent it too [sic] and I have not told him and shall not do so but I shall tell him when he as [sic] anything Perticler [sic] to let me run up to London and see you and I know he will agree with me. If you see any one of the Editors of those papers you sent it to will you kindly ask them to always put any article in theas [sic] papers wich [sic] comes from his Lordship not to alter any thing you send them. His Lordship is a very good fellow but he takes a lot of understanding'. Nicely signed 'Alfred Shaw'. VG
Estimate: £300/400
Alfred Shaw was employed by Lord Sheffield to coach young Sussex cricketers and in 1894 he turned out for Sussex at the age of 51 and ended the season at the top of the county averages
Lot 82:
Lot 82
Player benefits and testimonials 1990s. Large collection of thirty eight letters relating to player's benefits. Signatures include Kapil Dev, Freddie Brown, George Mann, Reg Simpson, Richie Benaud, Colin Cowdrey, Tom Graveney, Brian Statham, Ken Cranston, Mike Brearley, MJ.K. Smith, Ted Dexter etc. G/VG
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 83:
Lot 83 Lot 83
Scrapbook of William Archibald Standish (1856-1942). Original and attractively bound scrapbook for the period 1876-1900, comprising theatre programmes, cricket fixture cards, photographs, newspaper cuttings, manuscript for a speech, photographs, letters etc. Fixture cards for teams for whom Standish played include Priory Park 1888, Linden C.C. 1889, Rushey Green C.C. 1890-1894, West Albion C.C. 1879, Catford 1895, 1896 etc. The majority of the cards have been annotated with the results and scores and are loosely inserted. Press cuttings relate to theatre reviews and matches in which Standish played, including one showing Standish scoring 101 for Bushey Green v Colombia in 1893. One cutting shows the averages for Rushey Green for 1893 in which Standish finished sixth in the batting averages which were led by Alec Hearne of Kent with G.G. Hearne third. Also includes four original candid photographs of a match and players, possibly taken on a Club tour. A well presented album of an actor/ entertainer and keen Club cricketer of the period in the south east London area with many unusual and scarce contents. One album page detached, the contents in good condition
Estimate: £150/250
Lot 84:
Lot 84
Clarence 'Clarrie' Victor Grimmett. Victoria, South Australia & Australia 1918-1941.Original 'Commonwealth of Australia' passport issued to Grimmett issued in Adelaide in October 1935. 'Bearer previously travelled on passport No. A41499 issued at Sydney on 4/2/1926' handwritten under the 'Observations' heading. Handstamped and nicely signed in ink by Grimmett. The passport has entry and exit stamps for Perth 1935, Bombay 1938, Durban 1935, Adelaide 1938, Fremantle 1935, Colombo 1938, Fremantle 1938 etc. Sold together with his 'London County Council Driver's Licence' for the period 17th September 1934 to 16 September 1935, again nicely signed in ink by Grimmett plus a grey wallet with his initials in gilt to cover 'C.V.G.'. Qty 3 Good condition. Previously sold by Christie's Auctioneers in June 1988 as lot 106 and June 1989 as lot 310
Estimate: £100/150
Lot 85:
Lot 85 Lot 85
J.B. 'Jack' Hobbs. Sepia real photograph postcard of Hobbs, full length, stood at the pavilion gate wearing cricket sweater. Signed in ink by Hobbs. Crease to lower half of postcard. Series unknown. Sold with a real photograph postcard, 'England v Australia, Third Test match, Leeds July 10-13th 1926'. The players featured including Hobbs in small cameo portraits. Postcard by J.Webb Douglas Studio of Nottingham. Plus a small autograph book with excellent ink signature of Hobbs to a page. G
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 86:
Lot 86
William Gunn and Richard Daft of Nottinghamshire. 'Bought of R. Daft, Midland Counties Cricket & British Sports Warehouse, Lister Gate, Nottingham.... Dealer in every article connected with cricket and British Sports'. Early printed invoice for Richard Daft's sporting business for the sale of one cricket ball, signed by Richard Daft and also by William Gunn who was seventeen at the time and hand dated '1st July 1876'. Light folds, minor nicks to page edge, some ink staining to verso otherwise in good condition. Previously sold at the Bruce French Benefit auction held at Trent Bridge in 1991
Estimate: £60/90
Employed in Richard Daft's shop in Nottingham, Gunn had not much spare time, but, determined to make himself a cricketer, he used to get some practice at unearthly hours in the morning. The well known cricket and sporting business Gunn & Moore, of which Gunn was a co-founder, opened for business in 1885
Lot 87:
Lot 87 Lot 87
Eddie Lawrence. Cricket writer and historian. Box comprising a collection of files and box files relating to Lawrence's book 'Somerset County Cricket Club, Players, Photographs and Statistics 1891-2002' and the subsequently published 'Supplement 1882-2007'. Two files comprise proofs copies of the books, with reproductions of the book covers laid down to the covers and a home made spine to the larger edition. One box file contain a mixed collection of copy photographs, cuttings and postcards of cricketers, teams, and other non-cricketing subjects. A further box file contains a large selection of signatures, mainly on pieces, some laid down to white cards, pages, sheets etc. Signatures include Gubby Allen, Johnny Wardle, Ken Cranston, Phil Sharpe, Jack Flavell, Peter May, Arthur Milton, Allan Watkins, Norman Gifford, Alfred Dipper, Jack Robertson, Roy Swetman etc. Also a file comprising copy photographs, cuttings etc of players and teams, loosely filed by county etc. G
Estimate: £80/120
Lot 88:
Lot 88
David Mark Smith. Surrey, Sussex, Worcestershire & England 1973-1994. Two M.C.C. membership cards for 1985 and 1991, and a Surrey C.C.C. membership card for 1991. All three issued to and signed by Smith. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 89:
Lot 89
Geoffrey Boycott. Yorkshire & England 1962-1986. Two M.C.C. membership cards for 1981 and 1984, both issued to and signed by Boycott. VG
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 90:
Lot 90
Nicholas Grant Billson 'Nick' Cook. Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & England 1978-1994. A collection of player tour itineraries, autograph sheets, match tickets, menus etc, the majority relating to matches in which Cook played. Tour itineraries are English Counties XI to Zimbabwe 1985, England to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Zimbabwe 1986, World Cup India & Pakistan 1987 and Nehru Cup Tournament 1989 (2 copies). Autograph sheets are England tours to New Zealand and Pakistan 1984/85 (2 copies) and the Nehru Centenary Tournament, India 1989. Menus include England v New Zealand, Lord's 13th August 1983, England v Australia, Old Trafford 28th July 1989 etc. Also a paperweight produced for M.C.C. v Minor Cricket Counties Association to commemorate the M.C.C.A. Centenary, Lord's 6th September 1995, and a medal in original box for the 200th anniversary of Lord's. G
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 91:
Lot 91
Nicholas Grant Billson 'Nick' Cook. Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & England 1978-1994. A selection of menus and benefit brochures collected by Cook. Menus include two for Leicestershire C.C.C. '200 Club Eighth Annual Banquet', Grand Hotel, Leicester 18th April 1974 signed to the front by Michael Parkinson, and 'Championship Celebration Dinner/ Dance', Grand Hotel Leicester 31st March 1976. Also 'Jack Birkenshaw's Benefit Dinner', Grand Hotel Leicester 29th October 1974, two copies, one with six signatures to back page including Birkenshaw, Mike Smith, Colin Cowdrey, Geoff Pope etc. Benefit brochures include Brian Davison 1982, Allan Lamb 1988 (signed by Lamb), Richard Williams 1989 (signed by Williams), Les Taylor 1989, and Nigel Briers 1990. Sold with a 'Leicestershire County Cricket Club Championship Year Official Souvenir' brochure 1975. Also a 'John Player League Annual 1971', signed to player photographs by over one hundred and thirty County players, and an official programme for the Gillette Cup Final, Sussex v Warwickshire, Lord's 7th September 1968, signed by thirteen players. Odd faults, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 92:
Lot 92 Lot 92
Nicholas Grant Billson 'Nick' Cook. Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & England 1978-1994. Two large scrapbooks compiled by Cook as a boy in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Both albums comprise mainly photograph cuttings, profusely signed throughout to the photograph by the features player, also many signed to pages, some laid down. Both albums organised by county with good coverage for all counties, also touring sides for West Indies and New Zealand 1969, India and Pakistan 1971. Notable signatures include Garry Sobers, Mushtaq Mohammad, Jim Parks, Ken Suttle, Colin Cowdrey, Bob Woolmer, Mike Denness, Barry Richards, Micky Stewart, Peter Parfitt, Tom Graveney, Basil D'Oliveira, Geoff Boycott, Keith Boyce, Mike Proctor, Greg Chappell, Ray Illingworth, Tony Greig etc. Also a small autograph album from the same period, similarly signed. Some wear to the albums, the contents in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 93:
Lot 93
William John 'Bill' Edrich. Middlesex & England 1937-1958. 'Broadcast to India'. Single page handwritten letter to John Arlott at the BBC dated 31 October 1947 with accompanying script for the proposed broadcast to India, requesting a typed copy of it for reference and awaiting further details. The six-page manuscript and the letter are contained in a red slipcase. The text starts: 'I played my first big game for Norfolk, my home county, against the All Indian touring side of 1932 and well do I remember the devastating bowling of Mohammed Nissar and the exhilarating batting of C K Nayudu'. He recalls touring India with Lord Tennyson ten years earlier and the successes of the 1946 Indian tourists particularly Merchant, Mankad, Hazare and Modi but the visitors lacked fast bowlers. He recalls 'Duleep' and the 1946/47 M.C.C. tour to Australia and comments state by state on their players, the cities and grounds and the varying conditions encountered in each state. G
Estimate: £70/100
Edrich played in all five Tests on the first M.C.C. tour following the end of the Second World War. Australia won the series 3-0 with two matches drawn
Lot 94:
Lot 94
Maxwell Henry Norman "Max" Walker. Victoria & Australia 1968-1982. 'Great Catches Win Matches'. Original nine page handwritten manuscript for an article written by Walker on the subject of the 'Shell Ultra Classic Catches' competition recently introduced by Australia's Channel Nine. Writing during the 1985/86 season, Walker describes how easy it used to be 'that a sideways glance at a good looking bird in a bikini or an untimely chat with an outspoken Pom meant missing the best or only catch of the day!' and how 'That sort of gut wrenching feeling used to be almost as bad as spilling a sitter in front of the lads at fine leg or Bay 13 at the MCG', but how with 'the use of new technology in the form of electronic scoreboards, at both the MCG and the SCG, it's possible to get a second chance, as 30-40,000 light globes merge to create a slow motion replay on their huge matrix screens'. Walker describes the skills of the cameramen, and how the commentators compiled the best catches for the new competition and the first winner, that of Allan Border to dismiss John Wright of New Zealand off Dave Gilbert. Walker also described other great catchers and catches including those by Jeremy Coney of New Zealand, Azharruddin and Kapil Dev of India, Greg Matthews and Steve Waugh of Australia etc. Some folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 95:
Lancashire 1924. Large image of a series of pencil drawings in cameo of Lancashire players of 1924 season with names neatly written beneath. To the centre is an album page signed in pencil by twelve members of the Lancashire team including Sharp (Cpt), Makepeace, Iddon, Parkin, Hopwood, McDonald, Duckworth, Hallows etc. Mounted, framed and glazed. Overall 16"x18.5". VG
Estimate: £40/60
It is not known if these are original pencil drawings or printed from the original
Lot 96:
Cricket ephemera. A selection including a Middlesex signed autograph book, various official autograph sheets and album pages, signed Cornhill cards, cricketing ceramics etc. G
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 97:
Lot 97 Lot 97
Sussex County Champions 2003. A selection of ephemera relating to Sussex winning the 2003 County Championship. Official autograph sheet fully signed by the eighteen listed players. An official complete printed scorecard for Sussex v Leicestershire, Hove 17th-20th September, the final match of the season which Sussex won by an innings and 55 runs. 'The Longest Journey', Paul Weaver and Bruce Talbot, Stroud 2004, 'Glorious Summer', John Wallace, Stroud 2004, a Wisden Cricketers' Alamanck 2004 original hardback with dustwrapper, signed to the inside front cover and front endpaper by sixteen Sussex players etc. G/VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 98:
Lot 98
New Zealand Test cricket. A selection of ephemera, some signed, relating to New Zealand Test cricket. Two books, 'Sword of Willow', John Reid, Wellington 1963, signed with dedication to title page by Reid. 'England Skittled. New Zealand v England Wellington 10-15 February 1978', R.T. Brittenden, Christchurch 2000, limited edition no. Official scorecards include England v New Zealand, Lord's 21st-26th June 1990, the first to feature Hadlee's name printed as 'Sir Richard Hadlee', signed by Hadlee. England v New Zealand, Lord's 21st-26th June 1973, nicely signed by Mark Burgess who scored 105 for New Zealand in the drawn second Test. Also an official TCCB Stamp Publicity 'Arundel Cricket Tours' commemorative cover for the 1990 tour to England signed by John Wright and Paul Parker, the two captains for the opening match of the tour at Arundel, 6th May 1990 limited edition no. 23/25 etc. G/VG
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 99:
Lot 99
Middlesex C.C.C. 1950s-1990s. A selection of ephemera, some signed relating to Middlesex county cricket. Signed items include a collection of twenty three official team colour player photographs for 1998, each signed by the featured player. Signatures include Mike Gatting, Andrew Strauss, Mark Ramprakash, Phil Tufnell, Justin Langer, Angus Fraser, Owais Shah etc. Sold with 'Famous Cricketers of Middlesex', Dean Hayes, Speldhurst 1992, signed to the front end paper by Glenn McGrath. Middlesex County Cricket Club Annual Report for 1959-1961, 1963-1966. Also a binder comprising three original press photographs, scorecards, official programmes, press cuttings etc. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 100:
Lot 100
England v West Indies, Lord's 1963. A collection of ephemera relating to the famous drawn second Test match played at Lord's, 20th-25th June 1963. Contents include an official scorecard for the match, three colour photographs of England players who played in the match, Brian Close, Fred Trueman and Fred Titmus, the photographs taken in the 1990s and signed by the featured player. Also a signed photograph cutting of Ted Dexter. Sold with an official brochure for the 1963 West Indies tour by Alan Ross, and 'The West Indies at Lord's', Alan Ross, London 1963 with good dustwrapper etc. G/VG
Estimate: £20/30
In the second Test at Lord's Colin Cowdrey had his left arm broken by a ball from Wes Hall during England's second innings. With six runs required for victory and only two balls left in the match, Cowdrey returned for the last wicket with his arm in plaster to hold out for a draw
Lot 101:
Lot 101
Cricket autographs 1930s/1940s. Small green album comprising over one hundred and twenty signatures in pencil and ink of cricketers. Signatures are signed to the pages, or to smaller pages or pieces laid down. Some better pages. Signatures include L. Hutton (Yorkshire), B.H. Valentine, R.R. Dovey, E. Crush, A.P. Freeman (signed 'Tich Freeman'), F.E. Woolley (Kent), P.I. Bedford, L.H. Gray, S.M. Brown (Middlesex), R.T. Simpson (Nottinghamshire), E.D.R. Eagar etc. Good representation of Kent, Middlesex, Hampshire, India 1946 tour etc. Also included is a good signature in ink of Stanley Matthews, and approx. thirty signatures for Roller (or Rink) Hockey players 1946/1947. Some wear, generally good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 102:
Lot 102
Australia. 'A Cameo from the Past- The life and Times of H.S.T.L. Hendry'. Four page printed book launch invitation and advertising for the book by Cardwell and Hodgson held at The Cricketers Club of NSW, Sydney in 1984. Signed to first page four times by Stork Hendry, and to the rear page by Hendry, Lindsay Hassett, Bill O'Reilly, Don Bradman, Dennis Lillee, Arthur Morris, Ray Lindwall, Doug Walters, Keith Miller and Bob Simpson. G
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 103:
Lot 103 Lot 103 Lot 103
A.J.W. McIntyre Benefit Year 1955. 'Autographed Cricket Album'. Hardback Benefit album produced for his Benefit, with signed action photograph of McIntyre to title page and very nicely signed to inside pages, page to a team, by the Surrey team of 1955 (15 signatures), Yorkshire (16), Derbyshire (11), Middlesex (13), Lancashire (14), Worcestershire (13), Leicestershire (12), Northamptonshire (11), Glamorgan (14), Kent (11), Gloucestershire (12), Warwickshire (12), Nottinghamshire (13), Hampshire (15), Sussex (12), Essex (13), Somerset (10), England 1955 (17), Australia 1956 (12), and Pakistan 1959 (15). Lacking signatures for the New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, India and 'Cricket Personalities' pages. Signatures include May, Laker, Barrington, Hutton, Trueman, Wardle, Gladwin, Compton, Washbrook, Statham, Kenyon, Perks, Jackson, Tribe, Wooller, Shepherd, Graveney, Dollery, Simpson, Eagar, Ingleby-Mackenzie, Doggart, Cox, Langridge, Bailey, Tremlett, Wardle, Loader, Tyson, K. Miller, Johnson, Morris, Harvey, Lindwall, Benaud, Langley etc. Good/very good condition
Estimate: £300/400
Arthur John William McIntyre. Surrey & England 1938-1963. Wicket-keeper McIntyre played 377 matches for Surrey and took 639 catches and 156 stumpings in his career with a batting average of 22.83. He played on three occasions for England and toured with the M.C.C. to Australia and New Zealand on the tour of 1950/51
Lot 104:
Lot 104
West Indies tour of England 1906. Joined white card with hand printed heading 'West Indians 1906' nicely signed by thirteen members of the touring party in ink. Signatures are H.B.G. Austin (Cpt), Cameron, Challenor, Constantine, Cumberbatch, Goodman, Harrigin, Layne, Learmond, Morrison, Ollivierre, Parker and Smith. Each player has signed and then stated which colony he played for ie 'George Challenor (Barbados)'. Lacking the signatures of Bancroft and Burton from the full touring party, Tommie Burton left the tour early. The joined card measures approx 9.5"x9.5" and the signatures to various areas of the card. A very rare set of signatures from this early tour to England, the second by a West Indies team, the first being in 1900. Odd minor marks to card otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £200/300
The 1906 West Indian team played nineteen matches, mostly against first class counties, winning seven games, mainly against lesser opposition and the tour programme proved too ambitious. The general public were lukewarm to the visit, which was not a financial success
Lot 105:
Lot 105
West Indies tour to England 1991. Two official autograph sheets of the West Indies touring party. One lacking the signatures of Richards and Greenidge, the other lacking Haynes, Lara and Simmons. Horizontal and vertical folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 106:
Lot 106
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1929. Large album page very nicely signed in black ink by twelve Yorkshire players. Signatures are Greenwood, Holmes, Rhodes, Robinson, Dennis, Barber, Oldroyd, Mitchell, Wood, Macaulay, Turner and the rarer Shackleton (five matches for Yorkshire). Very good condition. Sold with two official match scorecards for Hampshire v Yorkshire, Portsmouth, 27th-29th August 1924 and Surrey v Yorkshire 21st-24th August 1926. Also a colour photo cutting of Wilfred Rhodes in bowling pose, signature of Rhodes on piece laid down below. Annotations and folds to the scorecards, otherwise good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 107:
Lot 107
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1930/1931. Large album page very nicely signed in black ink (two in pencil) by eighteen Yorkshire players. Signatures in ink are Sutcliffe, A.T. Barber, Greenwood, Sellers, Holmes, Hall (23 matches), Bowes, Leyland, Fisher, W. Rhodes, Verity, Wood, Robinson, A.C. Rhodes, W. Barber and Dennis. Signatures in pencil are Macaulay and Mitchell. VG
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 108:
Lot 108
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1932. Small album page signed in pencil by ten Yorkshire players. Signatures are Greenwood, Holmes, Leyland, Wood, Verity, Barber, Mitchell, Bowes, Oldroyd and Robinson. G/VG
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 109:
Lot 109
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1933. Album page signed in ink by ten Yorkshire players. Signatures are Wood, Hall, Verity, Holmes, Smailes, Mitchell, Dennis, Davidson, Bowes, and the rarer J. Johnson (three matches). Some wear and soiling not affecting the signatures. Sold with a mono real photograph plain back postcard of the 1933 Yorkshire Champion County team at Scarborough. The photograph by Walkers Studios, Scarborough. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 110:
Lot 110
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1935. Album page very nicely signed in ink by twelve Yorkshire players. Signatures are Sellers, Leyland, Bowes, Barber, Wood, Turner, Fisher, Mitchell, Verity, Sutcliffe, Swailes and Hutton. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 111:
Lot 111
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1937. Small album page signed in ink by twelve Yorkshire players. Signatures are Sellers, Leyland, Turner, Bowes, Verity, Yardley, Mitchell, Robinson, Hutton, Barber, Sutcliffe and Wood. Sold with a mono real photograph postcard of the 1936 Yorkshire team, signed in ink to the photograph by Sutcliffe, Bowes, Hutton and Yardley. Photograph by Charles, Leeds. Adhesive marks to verso of the postcard, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 112:
Lot 112
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1938. Small album page signed in ink by thirteen Yorkshire players. Signatures are Sellers, Sutcliffe, Yardley, Robinson, Bowes, Barber, Mitchell, Verity, Hutton, Smailes, Wood, Turner and Leyland. The page is laid down to a tightly trimmed card. Sold with a mono real photograph postcard of the 1938 Yorkshire team. Photograph by Charles, Leeds. Adhesive marks to verso of the postcard, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 113:
Lot 113
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1946/1948. Two small album pages signed in ink by fifteen members of the 1948 Yorkshire team. Signatures include Yardley, Brennan, Smailes, Wilson, Coxon, Foord, Hutton, Wilson, Wardle etc. Sold with a mono real photograph postcard of the 1946 Yorkshire team signed in ink to the photograph by four players, Hutton, Robinson, Bowes and Smailes. Also an album page signed by thirteen members of the Yorkshire Second XI 1947/48, and an official scorecard for Essex v Yorkshire, 27th-29th August 1947, the signature of Horsfall of Essex on piece laid down. G
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 114:
Lot 114
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1949-2000s. A selection of signed album pages, official and unofficial autograph sheets, photographs etc for the period. Earlier signatures include Close, Trueman, Padgett, Wilson, W. Sutcliffe, Watson, Illingworth etc. Also an official scorecard for Leicestershire v Yorkshire, Grace Road, 3rd-5th August 1949. G
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 115:
Lot 115
South Africa v M.C.C. 1922/23. Page nicely signed in ink by fourteen South Africa players. Signatures are Taylor (Captain), Ling, Francois, Lapscott, Hall, Brann, Meintjes, Snooke, Nourse, Catterall, Nupen, Blanckenberg, Ward and Conyngham. A scarce page. G/VG
Estimate: £80/120
Lot 116:
Lot 116
South Africa tour to England 1929. Small album page neatly signed in ink by all eighteen members of the South Africa touring party. Signatures include Taylor, van der Merwe, Catterall, McMillan, Siedle, Christy, Mitchell, Morkel, Owen-Smith, Bell, Vincent etc. Sold with a mono real photograph postcard of the 1929 South Africa touring party to England, published by the J. Smith, Bookstall, London. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 117:
Lot 117
Nottinghamshire c1934. Album page nicely signed by eleven Nottinghamshire players, eight in ink, three in pencil. Signatures in ink are Lilley, Larwood, Keeton, Butler, Staples, Gunn, Harris and Taylor. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 118:
Lot 118
Nottinghamshire c1934. Album page signed in pencil by fifteen Nottinghamshire players. Signatures include Carr, J. Gunn, G. Gunn, Richmond, Staples, Barratt, Whysall, Walters, Hardstaff etc. Includes the rarer signature of J.F. Bishop (3 matches). Also signed by F.W. Gilligan of Essex. The verso in pencil by eight Lancashire players including Halliday, Farrimond, Iddon, Eckersley etc, also in ink on piece laid down by Tyldesley. Adhesive mark to verso, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 119:
Lot 119
Hampshire C.C.C. c1910. Pre first World War album page signed in ink and pencil by eleven Hampshire players. Signatures include Bignell, Bacon, Barrett, Brown, Mead, Newman, Remnant, Kennedy etc. G
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 120:
Lot 120
Kent C.C.C. 1925. Small album page signed in ink by ten Kent players. Signatures include W.S. Cornwallis (captain), A.C. Wright, C.S. Marriott, J.A. Deed, J. Seymour, A.P. Freeman, W.H. Ashdown etc. G
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 121:
Lot 121
Yorkshire C.C.C. 1921. Large album page very nicely signed in ink by eleven Yorkshire players. Signatures are Rhodes, N. Kilner, R. Kilner, Burton, Robinson, Waddington, Macaulay, Holmes, Oldroyd, Sutcliffe and the scarcer signature of W.R. Allen (30 matches). G
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 122:
Lot 122
Pakistan tour to England 1954. Album page nicely signed in ink by sixteen members of the Pakistan touring party. Signatures include Fazal Mahmood, Wazir Mohammad, Shakoor Ahmed, Zulfiqar Ahmed, Alimuddin, Mahmood Hussain, Ikram Elahi etc. G
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 123:
Lot 123
England and England 'A' 1988-1998. Six England official autograph sheets for England v West Indies, second Test, Lord's June 1988, v Sri Lanka, Lord's August 1988 (2 copies), v West Indies, One Day International, Lord's May 1988 (2 copies), England tour to West Indies 1990. All sheets fully signed. England 'A' tour to Zimbabwe and Kenya 1990, and to Kenya and Sri Lanka 1997/98. Both lacking the odd signature. Some folds, generally good/ very good condition. Qty 8
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 124:
Lot 124
New Zealand tour to United Kingdom, Prudential World Cup 1979. Official autograph sheet nicely signed in ink by all fifteen members of the New Zealand touring party. Signatures include Burgess (Captain), Howarth, Cairns, Chatfield, Edgar, Hadlee, Morrison, Wright etc. VG
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 125:
Lot 125
South Africa tour of England 1947. Small album page containing twelve signatures in ink of the South African touring party. Signatures include Melville (captain), Viljoen, Fullerton, Ovenstone, Smith, Plimsoll, Begbie, Harris, Payn etc. Also a further album page with the ink signature of Dyer. G
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 126:
Lot 126
Nottinghamshire C.C.C. 1968. Album page signed to face by eleven former Nottinghamshire players, Harold Larwood, Bill Voce, Hardstaff, Shipston, Stocks, Bland, Butler, Davidson, Walker and Jepson. Also signed by R.M. Poulton, Notts Secretary. The signatures collected at the Nottinghamshire v Australia tour match played on the 6th July 1968. G
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 127:
Lot 127
Pakistan tour to England 1971. Official autograph sheet signed in ink by seventeen members of the Pakistan touring party. Signatures include Intikhab Alam (Captain), Asif Iqbal, Pervez Sajjad, Wasim Bari, Asif Masood, Sadiq Mohammad, Zaheer Abbas, Talat Ali, Imran Khan etc. The sheet contains one signature scribbled out. G
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 128:
Lot 128
Surrey 'County Cricket Champions 1952-1958'. Official autograph sheet very nicely signed by seventeen members of the Surrey team of 1958. Signatures include May, Loader, Clark, Edrich, Lock, Barrington, E. & A. Bedser, Constable, Laker, Stewart, Parsons etc. Minor browning to card to page edges otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 129:
Lot 129
County autographs 1980s/1990s. Green binder comprising official autograph sheets, first day covers, letters etc. Autograph sheets include Warwickshire 1990 (two different sheets), Nottinghamshire 1991, Kent 1987 etc. Also Gloucestershire, Sussex, Warwickshire, Essex, Durham, Somerset, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Kent and Lancashire, all 1995, New Zealand tour to England 1990. Other signatures include Tony Lewis, Jack Bannister, Ray Illingworth, Geoff Boycott, Richie Benaud, Tony Greig etc. Commemorative covers include Australia Bicentennial 1788-1988 etc. Also a souvenir brochure for 'Fred Trueman's International XI Cayman Islands Cricket Tour November 1985' fully signed to the pen pictures by the thirteen members of the touring party. Signatures include Trueman, Brian Close, Farokh Engineer, Chris Old, Frank Hayes, John Hampshire etc. G/VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 130:
Lot 130
England Test Captains 1930-2001. White card nicely signed in ink by thirty two England Test captains. Signatures are Wyatt, Walters, Allen, Yardley, Hutton, Mann, Brown, Carr, Cranston, Sheppard, May, Colin Cowdrey, Dexter, Smith, Close, Edrich, Graveney, Lewis, Denness, Illingworth, Greig, Brearley, Boycott, Botham, Fletcher, Willis, Gower, Gatting, Emburey, Chris Cowdrey, Gooch and Atherton. Hand written title and players' names. 10"x8.25". Slight creasing to the card, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £80/120
Lot 131:
Lot 131
'Australia Test Captains 1940-1990'. Large pre printed autograph card with title to top and captains names in printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink by eighteen captains including Bill Brown, Don Bradman, Lindsay Hassett, Ian Johnson, Ray Lindwall, Ian Craig etc. VG
Estimate: £80/120
Lot 132:
Lot 132
'Australia Players Scoring 5000 Test Runs 1877-1992'. Pre printed autograph card with title to top and players' names in printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink by seven players, Allan Border, Greg Chappel, Don Bradman, Neil Harvey, Doug Walters, Ian Chappell and Bill Lawry. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 133:
Lot 133
'Australia Test Players 1948'. Pre printed autograph card with title to top and printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink by twelve players. Signatures are Don Bradman, Bill Brown, Arthur Morris, Keith Miller, Ernie Toshack, Neil Harvey, Ray Lindwall, Doug Ring, Ian Johnson, Ron Hamence, Sam Loxton and Bill Johnston. VG
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 134:
Lot 134
'Batsmen Scoring 300 Runs In & For England 1940-1990'. Pre printed autograph card with title to top, players' names and printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink by fourteen players. Signatures are Graeme HIck, Neil Fairbrother, Graham Gooch, Jack Robertson, Viv Richards, Ken Rutherford, Jimmy Cook, Glenn Turner, Bob Simpson, John Edrich, Colin Cowdrey, Everton Weekes, Denis Compton and Raman Subba Row. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 135:
Lot 135
'Players Scoring 5000 Test Runs' 1991. Pre printed autograph card with title to top, players' names and printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink by twenty five players. Signatures include Sunil Gavaskar, Allan Border, Viv Richards, Geoff Boycott, David Gower, Javed Miandad, Garry Sobers, Colin Cowdrey, Don Bradman, Ian Botham, Zaheer Abbas etc. VG
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 136:
Lot 136
'Players Taking 200 Test Wickets' 1991. Pre printed autograph card with title to top, players' names and printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink by twenty four players. Signatures include Richard Hadlee, Ian Botham, Kapil Dev, Imran Khan, Malcolm Marshall, Dennis Lillee, Bob Willis, Lance Gibbs (signed to label laid down), Fred Trueman, Brian Statham, Richie Benaud, Alec Bedser, Garry Sobers, Ray Lindwall etc. VG
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 137:
Lot 137
'Cricketing Knights (Knighthoods awarded for Services to Cricket'. Pre printed autograph card with title to top, players' names and printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink by seven players. Signatures are Don Bradman, Garry Sobers, Colin Cowdrey, Richard Hadlee, Alec Bedser, Clyde Walcott and Everton Weekes. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 138:
Lot 138
'Players Scoring 100 Hundreds 1895-1945'. Pre printed autograph card with title to top, players' names and printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink on pieces laid down by ten players. Signatures are W.G. Grace, Frank Woolley, Tom Hayward, Herbert Sutcliffe, Jack Hobbs, Ernest Tyldesley, Phil Mead, Walter Hammond, Patsy Hendren and Andrew Sandham. VG
Estimate: £100/150
Lot 139:
Lot 139
Sri Lanka 1988 and 1999. Official autograph sheet for the tour to England 1988. Fully signed by all eighteen members of the touring party. Signatures include Madugalle, Ranatunga, de Silva, Kuruppu, Labrooy, Mahanama, Mendis, Ratnayeke, Tillekeratne etc. Also an official autograph sheet for the Cricket World Cup and tour to England 1999. Signed by nineteen members of the Sri Lanka touring party. Signatures include Ranatunga (captain), de Silva, Jayasuriyam Tillakaratne, Mahanama, Wickremasinghe, Muralitharan, Vaas, etc. Lacking one signature. Horizontal folds, minor wear, otherwise in good condition. Sold with two pre printed cards of 'Sri Lanka Centurions One Day Internationals 1975-' and 'Sri Lanka Test Captains 1982-1992'. VG. Qty 4
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 140:
Lot 140
'India Test Captains 1932-1992'. Pre printed autograph card with title to top, players' names and printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink on pieces laid down by twenty players. Signatures include Ghulam Ahmed, Nawab of Pataudi Jr., Kapil Dev, Umrigar, Borde, Vengsarkar, Wadekar, Shastri, Armanath, Hazare, Gavaskar, Ramchand etc. VG
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 141:
Lot 141
'Australian Test Wicketkeepers 1940-1992', 'Australian Centurions- One Day Internationals 1971-1992', and 'Australian Touring Squad' (1993). Three pre printed autograph cards with titles to top, players' names and printed boxes. Nicely signed in ink by twelve wicketkeepers, eleven Centurions, and all twenty one members of the 1993 touring party to England. Signatures include Len Maddocks, Barry Jarman, Brian Taber, Rod Marsh, Tim Zoehrer, Ian Healy, Greg Chappell, Allan Border, Graeme Wood, Kepler Wessels, David Boon etc. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 142:
Lot 142
England Test autographs. Five pre printed autograph cards with titles to top, players' names and printed boxes for 'England Test Wicketkeepers 1940-1992', England Centurions- One Day Internationals 1971-1992', 'England Test Squad 1992', 'England India Tour 1993' and 'England West Indies Tour 1994'. Wicketkeepers signatures include Roy Swetman, Bob Taylor, Godfrey Evans, Jim Parks, David Bairstow, Arthur McIntyre, Bruce French, Jack Russell, Alan Knott, Alec Stewart etc. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 143:
Lot 143
West Indies autographs. Four pre printed autograph cards with titles to top, players' names and printed boxes for 'West Indies Test Captains 1965-1991', West Indies Captains One Day Internationals 1993-', and two of 'West Indies Centurions- One Day Internationals 1971-1992'. Captains' signatures are Garry Sobers, Rohan Kanhai, Clive Lloyd, Alvin Kallicharran, Deryck Murray, Viv Richards, Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes. VG
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 144:
Lot 144
'New Zealand Captains- One Day Internationals 1971-1992' and 'New Zealand Centurions One Day Internationals 1993-'. Two pre printed autograph cards with titles to top, players' names and printed boxes. Captains' signatures are Bev Congdon, Jeremy Coney, Glenn Turner, Jeff Crowe, Mark Burgess, Martin Crowe, Geoff Howarth, Andrew Jones and John Wright. VG
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 145:
Lot 145
Zimbabwe tour to England and I.C.C. Trophy Holland 1990. Official autograph sheet fully signed by twenty members of the Zimbabwe touring party. Signatures include Houghton (captain), Pycroft, Arnott, Brandes, Brent, , Briant, Flower, Traicos etc. Horizontal folds. Sold with two pre printed autograph cards with titles to top, players' names and printed boxes of 'Zimbabwe Centurions One Day Internationals 1983-' and 'Zimbabwe Captains One Day Internationals 1983-'. Qty 3. VG
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 146:
Lot 146
India tour to England 1959. Fifteen signatures in ink of the Indian touring party on Nottinghamshire C.C.C. letterhead. Signatures include Gaekwad (captain), Nadkarni, Umrigar, Borde, Baig, Desai etc. Horizontal and vertical folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 147:
Lot 147
Indian autographs. Four pre printed autograph cards with titles to top, printed boxes, some with players' names, for 'India Captains- One Day Internationals 1971-1992', 'India Test Players', and two of 'India Centurions One Day Internationals'. Captains' signatures include Wadekar, Kirmani, Amarnath, Bedi, Shastri, Gavaskar, Viswanath, Kapil Dev, Azhaduddin etc. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 148:
Lot 148
Pakistan International Airlines tour to Zimbabwe 1982. Eighteen signatures in ink of the Pakistan touring party on Manicaland Cricket Association letterhead. G/VG
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 149:
No lot
Lot 150:
Lot 150
Yorkshire County Cricket Team 1903. Exceptionally large original mono postcard of the team by Delittle, Fenwick & Co., York (The 'D.F. & Co.' Series). Titled in white within shield to right hand side 'Yorkshire County Cricket Team' with names of players printed in white to lower border. Players featured are Whitehead, Rhodes, Tunnicliffe, Wilkinson, Hirst, Jackson, Hawke (Cpt), Smith, Hunter, Denton, Haigh and Brown. Some wear to corners and to postcard printed surface. Minor pencil marks to lower half of postcard. The postcard dated to verso in pencil '11th August 1903'. The postcard measures approximately 9.75"x7". A rarely seen large postcard of the Yorkshire team of 1903
Estimate: £50/80
Yorkshire played Middlesex at Headingley on the 10th-12th August 1903 winning the match by 220 runs and this was the team with the exception of Whitehead who was presumably 12th man. Hirst and Rhodes took eight wickets in the match
Lot 151:
Lot 151
Scarborough Festival 1955. Two original mono plain back real photograph postcards one of T.N. Pearce's XI, the other of the South Africans, standing in cricket attire in front of the pavilion at Scarborough for the match played 7th-9th September 1955. Both photographs appear to be by Walkers Studio. VG
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 152:
Lot 152
Scarborough Festival 1956. Two original mono plain back real photograph postcards one of T.N. Pearce's XI, the other of the Australians, standing in cricket attire in front of the pavilion at Scarborough for the match played 5th-7th September 1955. The Australians photograph with Walkers Studio stamp to verso, the other also appears to be by Walkers. VG
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 153:
Lot 153
Errol Reginald Thorold Holmes. Surrey, Oxford University & England 1924-1955. Mono real photograph postcard of Holmes, head and shoulders, wearing Surrey cap. Signed in black ink by Holmes. Publisher unknown. Slight smudge to signature, otherwise in good/ very good condition. Sold with a mono real photograph postcard of Arthur Sandham of Surrey, head and shoulders, wearing England blazer nicely signed in ink by Sandham. Series unknown. VG. Qty 2
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 154:
Lot 154
Ernest George Hayes. Surrey, London County, Leicestershire & England 1896-1926. Mono real photograph postcard of Hayes, head and shoulders in Surrey cap. Nicely signed in black ink to the photograph by Hayes. "Force" Bat Series. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80

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