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Lot 617:
Lot 617
Reg Simpson. Seven original press photographs featuring Simpson including mounted photograph of a young Simpson, head and shoulders (Sport & General), Simpson walking out to bat, returning home from the 1950/51 tour of Australia, batting in the nets at Trent Bridge, practising golf on a putting green etc. Various sizes. Ex R.T. Simpson collection - cricket
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £55
Lot 618:
Lot 618
Trent Bridge scorecards 1940-1941. Five official wartime scorecards for matches played at Trent Bridge. Matches are Nottinghamshire v Royal Air Force, 1940, v London Counties XI, 1941 (2 copies), v Leicestershire, 1941 and v Royal Air Force 1941. Simpson featured in each match. Ex R.T. Simpson collection. Odd minor faults otherwise in good/ very good condition - cricket
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: £45
Lot 619:
Lot 619
Europeans v Parsis 1944. Official war-time folding scorecard for the Pentangular Cricket Tournament played at Bombay on the 15th-17th November 1944. Player in the match included Hardstaff, Compton, Simpson, Cranmer, Palia, Colah, Umrigar etc. Ex R.T. Simpson collection. Good/ very good condition. Rare - cricket
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £95
Lot 620:
Lot 620
M.C.C. Tour of South Africa 1948/49. Four official invitations to functions for Luncheon or Dinner during the tour. Invitations from Mayor of Durban 1948, Natal Cricket Association 1948, Governor General 1949 and Matabeleland Cricket Association January 1949. All printed invitations some with handwritten annotation. Ex R.T. Simpson collection. G
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £70
Lot 621:
Lot 621
M.C.C. Tour of South Africa 1948/49. Three official invitations to functions for Luncheon or Dinner during the tour. Invitations from The Mayor and Council of Cape Town 1948, The Governor & Lady Kennedy 1949 and Ramblers Club 27th Annual Ball 1948. Plus an official invitation to welcome the South African touring team in 1998 at Lord's. All printed invitations some with handwritten annotation. Ex R.T. Simpson collection. G - cricket
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: £65
Lot 622:
Lot 622
M.C.C. Tour of South Africa 1948/49. Original 'First Class Programme of Sports & Entertainments' for first class passengers, including the M.C.C. touring party, on the R.M.M.V. Stirling Castle on its homeward voyage to England from South Africa. The programme dated 18th March 1949 included cricket practice and a cricket match between Passengers and Officers. T.G. Evans was a member of the Entertainments Committee. Ex R.T. Simpson collection G - cricket
Estimate: £20/30
Hammer price: £45
Lot 623:
Lot 623
M.C.C. tour to South Africa 1948/49. Official folding menu and invitation card from the West Rand Consolidated Mines Ltd for a 'Luncheon in the Sports Club Hall', 9th February 1949, 'on the occasion of the visit to the Mine of the M.C.C. Touring Team'. The menu with names of each player in the touring party printed to back page. Ex R.T. Simpson collection. G/VG - cricket
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £65
Lot 624:
Lot 624
M.C.C. tour to South Africa 1948/49. Original programme for 'Native Tribal Dances at the Native Dance Arena. Robinson Deep Limited. On the Occasion of the visit of the members of the M.C.C'. Official six page programme, signed to top border of front cover by Simpson. Ex R.T. Simpson collection. G - cricket
Estimate: £25/35
Hammer price: £25
Lot 625:
Lot 625
Warwickshire County Cricket Champions 1951. Large official menu for the 'Dinner in honour of the President of the Warwickshire County Cricket Club and the Captain and members of the County Eleven, Winners of the County Championship 1951' held at The Grand Hotel, Birmingham on 23rd October 1951. Menu cover with title, details and club emblem, tied with ribbon in club colours. Menu, toasts, results, averages, table plan etc to inside pages. Odd marks to covers otherwise in good condition. Reg Simpson was a guest at the Dinner. Ex R.T. Simpson collection - cricket
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 626:
Lot 626
New Zealand 1949. Vertical paper strip very nicely signed in ink by fifteen members of the touring party to England including the manager Phillips. Signatures include Hadlee (Captain), Wallace, Burke, Reid, Raborn, Cave, Sutcliffe, Cresswell, Phillips (Manager) etc. Lacking the signature of Mooney from the full touring party. G - cricket
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 627:
Lot 627
'The Port Elizabeth Cricket Club Centenary Souvenir 1843-1946'. Official twenty four page brochure produced to commemorate the Centenary of the South African club. Decorative covers, crease to top corner otherwise in good condition - cricket
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 628:
Lot 628
'The Job of Being Captain'. Len Hutton. Original four page typed manuscript by Hutton for an article in the Boys Annual, date unknown. The article covers the subject of captaincy and the importance and honour of the role, 'It is more than an honour. It is a task of great responsibility... a captain, in effect, holds in trust the cricket tradition of his school or club or county or country'. Hutton refers to Yorkshire's 'great tradition of sound captaincy, including Lord Hawke, Chichester-Constable, under whom Hutton played when captain of the Yorkshire 2nd XI, Brian Sellars, 'one of the greatest captains English county cricket has seen', and Norman Yardley, 'so I had a pretty good upbringing in the requirements of cricket captaincy'. He continues by describing the qualities and personality required, 'He must be able to lead. He must think ahead... He must be cheerful, optimistic, yet firm when an element of discipline is required. That does not mean being excessively bossy on the field'. Regarding tactics Hutton states 'The good captain always thinks out his batting order long before he gets to the ground... Usually the best and soundest batsmen should open... [but] never be afraid to switch the order to get more runs quickly if they are needed... He should have a clear idea of the general field settings for his various bowlers... to study each batsman, note his best strokes and his weakest'. Regarding bowlers, 'However well any bowler is bowling never tire him out. Rest him so that he can come back again'. Hutton concludes with the importance of seeking advice from experienced players, attacking a new batsman, the best position to field, and the need to 'insist on the highest level of sportsmanship at all times... and set the right example - even down to the elementary thing of seeing that his shoes are well studded, his bat well cared for and his flannels and shirt well pressed'. An intriguing insight into Hutton's approach to captaincy. Some annotations and corrections apparently in Hutton's own hand. G/VG - cricket
Estimate: £200/300
Hammer price: £220
Lot 629:
Lot 629
'The Captain's Job'. Len Hutton. Original ten page typed manuscript by Hutton for an article, date and publication unknown. Hutton opens with an anecdote, 'When I returned to the pavilion at Lord's, bowled for a "duck" in my first Test match, I thought I had lost my place in England's team for good. An unsympathetic remark from my captain at that moment might have shattered my confidence for many matches to come. But what R.W.V. Robins said to me was "For goodness' sake, Len, don't do that against the Aussies next year!". It was a shrewd and understanding action on the part of my skipper... it taught me the value of a captain who has studied the character and capabilities of each man in his team'. Hutton then describes captains he has played under or who influenced his career. Captain Chichester-Constable led the Yorkshire Second XI 'when I played in the Minor Counties Championship at the age of seventeen' and describes the respect in which he was held and the team spirit, from which he learned 'it is better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep, than a sheep at the head of an army of lions'. On having earned his place in the Yorkshire county side, Hutton 'had the advantage of the skilful leadership and the personal encouragement of Brian Sellars'. He describes Sellar's inability to win the toss, 'in one season alone... he lost the toss thirteen times in succession' and recounts Pelham Warner's description of Stanley Jackson as 'Jacker was a good tosser'. Warner's own captaincy is described as that of "The General", 'he led his teams "into battle" and inspired them by personal example'. Wally Hammond 'was a leader in the same mould'. Hutton continues with the advice on the need to practice 'to improve your own ability', wicket inspection, assessment of the opposition, the decision whether to bat or bowl first, batting order, declarations, how to bowl and set fields, in particular to a new batsman etc. Regarding decision making Hutton states 'Be the boss. Take a firm line with slackers... before giving a decision, don't neglect to consult your bowlers, your wicket-keeper, and other experienced members of the team'. Regarding the suitability of different types of players to captaincy he says, 'in many respects the man behind the stumps is in an ideal position to captain a side himself, although for some reason wicket-keeper captains are a rarity... a specialist bowler is not in a good position to act a skipper, because he is often doubtful as to when to put himself on to bowl and when to take himself off... Yet I have known many fine bowler-captains whose judgement in this respect could not be criticised. The article closes with Hutton's opinion on sportsmanship including appealing, 'Only the wicket-keeper or bowler is really in a position to judge whether a batsman can be given out L.B.W., for instance, and they are the only ones who should be allowed to appeal'. G/VG - cricket
Estimate: £200/300
Hammer price: £230
Lot 630:
Lot 630
'L. Hutton - Cricket Broadcast'. Original four page typed manuscript by Hutton for a broadcast, date unknown, possibly 1950. Written in the spring with a new season impending, Hutton describes how 'during the next three weeks youngsters will be having their first trials at the Yorkshire County Nets at Headingley' and his memories of his childhood, 'The only times we handled a real leather ball was during a match when the batsmen hit a boundary and we chased after the ball, what a scramble it was to hold it and gaze at this real leather cricket ball for a few moments before returning it to the fieldsman. Due to the many windows in the close vicinity we were only allowed a rubber or tennis ball, nevertheless much of my pocket money was spent on having broken windows replaced'. He continues by describing the batting grip and stance he employed '[as] used by Don Bradman, Walter Hammond, Maurice Leyland, and many other first class players', and while the position of the right hand 'is very nearly the same with all batsmen the left hand varies', quoting Bill Edrich and Denis Compton as examples. Hutton describes his heroes as Herbert Sutcliffe, Jack Hobbs, and 'In my early days at the nets under the watchful eye of George Hirst who loved to have boys around him' and how Hirst would relate stories of W.G. Grace, Victor Trumper and others while travelling on the tram to Leeds. Hutton looks forward to the visit of the West Indian tourists and 'the improvement in West Indian cricket during the last twenty years... due largely I think to the inspiration of Headly [sic] and Constantine, two of the greatest players the game has yet seen' and refers to the quality of Everton Weekes, Frank Worrell, Clyde Walcott, their 'battery of three fast bowlers with the pace of Lindwall' and the captain John Goddard. Hutton closes with the advice 'To those of you in authority particularly amongst schoolboys... to provide good practice and match wickets, and to you who use them don't be afraid to help with the rolling...'. G/VG - cricket
Estimate: £200/300
Hammer price: £240
Goddard captained the West Indies on two tours to England, in 1950 and 1957
Lot 631:
Lot 631
Australia v England 1920/21. Official 'Orient Line S.S. Osterley' card with centre colour image of the ship at sea in colour. With titles to top border 'Visit of M.C.C. team to Australia 1920/21' and dates of voyages from London and Australia in 1920/21. The top border has been titled in ink, to the left border 'England' and to the right 'Australia' with columns and scrolls beneath. Signed in ink to columns and scrolls by the full seventeen members of the M.C.C. touring party and by fifteen members of the Australian team including both managers. Thirty two very nicely signed ink signatures including Douglas, Wilson, Woolley, Strudwick, Hearne, Wilson, Fender, Hobbs, Dolphin, Rhodes, Waddington, Makepeace, Howell, Parkin, etc for M.C.C and Armstrong, Bardsley, Collins, Mailey, McDonald, Ryder, Andrews, -Oldfield, Gregory, Macartney, Carter, Taylor, Hendry etc for Australia. The card measures approx 8.5"x7.5". Rarely seen in such excellent condition. A scarce item - cricket
Estimate: £300/500
Hammer price: £800
Lot 632:
Lot 632
'M.C.C. Team of Australia 1920-21'. Original mono printed photograph of the R.M.S. Osterley on route to Australia 1920. This ship carried the M.C.C. touring team to Australia. Signed around the image of the ship by all seventeen members of the touring party including the Manager, Toone. Signatures, nicely signed in ink, are Douglas (Captain), Woolley, Rhodes, Waddington, Hendren, Hobbs, Fender, Dolphin, Wilson, Makepeace, Hitch, Howell, Strudwick, Parkin, Hearne and Russell. Each player has signed his name with his county printed underneath i.e. 'C.H. Parkin, Lancashire'. The photograph with printed name 'R.M.S. Osterley' to lower left hand corner. Attractively mounted, framed and glazed. Overall 14"x11". A well signed image, with signatures bright. Good/very good condition
Estimate: £300/400
Hammer price: £400
Lot 633:
Lot 633
'Australian Cricket Team 1948'. Original mono photograph of the 'Orontes' passing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This ship carried the Australian touring team back home to Australia in October 1948. The photograph signed around the image of the ship by eighteen members of the touring party including the Manager, Keith Johnson. Signatures, nicely signed in ink, are Bradman (Captain), Ring, Hassett, Lindwall, Tallon, Miller, Barnes, Johnston, Harvey, I. Johnson, McCool, Morris, Saggers, Loxton, Hamence, Brown and Toshack. The photograph mounted with printed title to lower border. Framed and glazed. Overall 13.5"x12.25". Slight fading to the signatures of Bradman, Barnes and McCool otherwise in good/very good condition. Rare
Estimate: £250/350
Hammer price: £250

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